A Five Step One-on-One Any Leader Can Do

When you know what’s next you can prepare and perform.

Structure provides predictability.

Predictability enables preparation.

Preparation raises confidence.

Confidence is energy.

A 5 step one-on-one any leader can do:

#1. Provide brag time.

  1. What one result from last week makes you proud?
  2. Tell me one thing you did really well last week.
  3. What one thing worked well for you last week?

#2. Provide ‘go with’ feedback.

Avoid the temptation to improve on someone’s brag. Use this time to fill their sails with wind by honoring effort and achievement.

Assume people want to excel. Tell them what you see.

  1. Yes, I noticed the results you achieved. You must feel proud.
  2. Yes, I noticed you calling clients. Congratulations. You worked hard.
  3. Yes, I saw you practicing your listening skills. Awesome!

#3. Pursue better.

What one thing would you like to do different or better?

The pursuit of ‘better’ is a good thing. Don’t let it feel negative.

Tip: Commit to improve your performance too. We’re all rowing in the same boat.

#4. Respond.

  1. You’re right. I see what you’re saying. I agree. 
  2. What are some options for making this better?
  3. Which of your strengths might help you improve in this area?
  4. How does doing better help you reach your personal goals?

#5. Agree.

Agree on one action item.

  1. Which option would you like to try? How? How often?
  2. If I saw you executing on your goal, what would I see you doing?
  3. Nudge them to reach higher when appropriate. Perhaps it’s time for a stretch. How might you take this to the next level?
  4. What would you like me to ask you next time?

High performers love to improve.

What might you amend or add to the five step structure listed above?

*** This post is adapted from a conversation I had with the internal coaches at All4 Inc. and Alf Goodall.