Will Uber Survive its Toxic Culture

The problems at Uber is bigger than CEO Travis Kalanick. Yes, he’s ultimately responsible. However, there’s a team of leaders in place who need to step up and take aggressive public action.

The fact that investors had to step up and do what the leadership should have done is disconcerting.

The extent of an offence determines the breadth of response.

In other words, a public offense requires a strong public response. It took Uber too long to respond. However, internal investigations are ongoing. It looks like efforts to cleanse the toxic culture continue.

The New York Times reports that 20 people have been removed. With approximately 7,000 employees, more need to go.

On the other side of the coin, Bloomsburg reported that Boxman Saint John, former Head of Global Consumer Marketing at Apple is going to Uber as Chief Brand Officer. Additionally, Harvard Business School Professor Frances Frei is now Senior VP for leadership and strategy. Having two strong women in leadership can’t hurt.

These are all good steps, but it’s going to take a heck of a lot more than two strong women and a few firings to right the ship.

Will Uber survive and thrive? One thing on it’s side is that Uber has a name like Google. When you think of on-demand transportation, Uber comes to mind. Most of us don’t think of Lyft or the handful of other competitors.

On a final note, Uber doesn’t need a visionary leader right now. It needs a courageous manager to take the helm, preferably a female.

What will make Uber survive and thrive?

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