CEOs On Average Have the Lowest EQ

“CEOs, on average, have the lowest EQ scores in the workplace.”

However, CEOs with the highest EQ scores outperform their low EQ colleagues. Emotional Intelligence 2.0

when someone says you're adversarial don't say no I'm not ask what do you mean


4 ways to elevate EQ for leaders:

#1. Embrace the genius of ‘and’.

Be tough and emotionally intelligent. Don’t choose between tough leadership and emotional intelligence. 

  1. Reflect on your feelings and the feelings of others. 
  2. Express empathy and high expectations.
  3. Believe in relationships and results.
  4. Give support and challenge.
  5. Enjoy power and give it away.
  6. Celebrate wins and set new goals.
  7. Make tough decisions and remain compassionate.
  8. Use ritual for stability and force yourself into new experiences.
  9. Apologize with humility and press forward with confidence.
  10. Express what you really want and stay open to others.

#2. Believe negative feedback.

One symptom of low emotional intelligence is discounting negative feedback regarding low EQ.

When someone says you’re adversarial, don’t say, “No I’m not.” Ask, “What do you mean?”

#3. Set emotional targets.

  1. Ask yourself how you want your team to feel during the next meeting you lead. Perhaps you want the team to feel respected for their work and urgent about meeting the next deadline.
  2. List behavioral options that might produce feelings of respect and urgency.
  3. Ask high EQ team members for suggestions.
  4. Explore how the team might interact with each other to produce feelings of respect and urgency.
  5. Chart your path forward for the next meeting.
  6. Evaluate emotional results. Explain to the team that you want them to feel respected and urgent. You might ask what you did that worked well and what could be better next time.
  7. Adapt and execute at the next meeting.

#4. Seek input from high EQ people.

Leaders I work with often find greater success by strengthening their EQ muscle.

How might leaders increase the emotional intelligence?