7 Questions that Answer the Ultimate Opportunity of Leadership

The easiest thing leaders do is get things done. The hard part is the people.

Leaders are ineffective if all they do is get things done.

The true focus of leadership:

Leaders focus on people while getting things done.

The greatest opportunity of leadership is developing other leaders.

If you don’t get things done, you won’t be a leader very long. But ultimately leaders enable others to get things done. Now the question is, “What things?”

Leaders advance the welfare of others.

You earn the right to lead by advancing the welfare of others. But serving the greater good is only the first level of leadership. The hard part is next.

Leadership expands when the people you serve become leaders who enable others to serve.

The 3 Levels of Leadership:

Level 1: Advance the welfare of others.

Level 2: Influence others to advance the welfare of others.

Level 3: Influence others who influence others to advance the welfare of others.

How to serve those who serve others:

  1. Honor humility. Won’t honoring humility inspire pride? Not if you think of humility as behaviors and practices.
  2. Break isolation. Establish and strengthen connections.
  3. Clarify ‘good’. People must know what ‘good’ is, if they plan to advance it.
  4. Recognize service.
  5. Celebrate openness.
  6. Show enthusiasm, more than criticism, for others.
  7. Address tough issues with candor, empathy, and compassion.

7 Questions that develop leadership in others:

  1. If you were to exemplify humility today, what might you do?
  2. How might you help others establish and strengthen connections today?
  3. How might you advance the welfare of others today?
  4. Who might you recognize today?
  5. How might you be open to the suggestions and ideas of others today?
  6. How might you pass your enthusism on to others today?
  7. How will you acknowledge emotions and deal with tough issues at the same time?

How might leaders focus on people while getting things done at the same time?