21 Ways Dumb Leaders Drain Everyone’s Energy

Sometimes success is about what you don’t do.

21 ways a leader drains everyone’s energy:

  1. Laugh with the inner circle. Frown with the fringe.
  2. Pound your own chest. Complain about others.
  3. Spring new things on the unsuspecting.
  4. Avoid the front-line. Stand aloof.
  5. Ask, but plug your ears.
  6. Blab on and on.
  7. Keep your hands clean. Never get dirty helping.
  8. Close your heart when saying tough things. A tear in the eye is more powerful than arrogance on the brow.
  9. Make small improvements to other people’s ideas.
  10. Maximize the trappings of power. Intimidation invites resistance. 
  11. Raise the bar for others. Lower it for yourself.
  12. Expect others to grow. Exempt yourself from leadership development.
  13. Wield authority rather than earn influence.
  14. Complain about everything.
  15. Meddle. Expect people to do things your way.
  16. Withhold affirmation.
  17. Set expectations from on high.
  18. Say, “I said so.”
  19. Hide behind policy.
  20. Justify yourself.
  21. Walk around with your head down, wearing a serious look.

3 strategies to fuel energy:

#1. Show the results and impact of work:

During a coaching call, a leader in manufacturing wondered how he might connect their product with purpose. One idea is to bring pictures/videos of their installed products back to the team.

Have the sales team bring cell phone or iPad pictures/videos of installed product back to the team. Spontaneously huddle up to view images/videos. This is a great bragging moment.

Show the images/videos to people in the front office as well as people on the front-line.

#2. Ask people to tell their story.

  1. How did they get interested in their career?
  2. Who has had influence on them? How?
  3. Share a favorite childhood memory?

#3. Set a high goal. Design a plan with the team. Work with the team to reach it.

Mediocrity drains people. It’s hard to get excited about something that doesn’t matter.

How do leaders drain the team’s energy?

How might leaders fuel the team’s energy?

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