How Your 18-Month-Self is the New You

The most challenging transition is letting go of the leader you used to be.

Growing leaders aren’t who they used to be. How has your recent story —  the last 18 months – contributed to the leader you’re becoming?

In the last 18 months have you:

  • Changed jobs?
  • Led through crisis?
  • Failed publicly? Succeeded?
  • Struggled with health?
  • Moved?
  • Lost a friend?
  • Felt disappointment?


Circumstances don’t shape you. Response shapes you.

How might your 18 month story expand your capacity to serve, extend your ability to lead, and deepen your sense of purpose?

Authentic leadership is about showing up as your new-best-self.

  • Courage. How have you courageously let go and taken hold in the last 18 months?
  • Permission. What permissions have you given yourself?
  • Kindness. How have circumstances chiselled off harshness?
  • People. How are you impacting others because others have impacted you?

New best self:

How might you translate the last 18 months into practical wisdom, positive intention, and guiding purpose?

  • Have you gone through dark days? Bring compassion.
  • Have you been drained by stress and disappointment? Bring vitality and encouragement.
  • Have you learned to be open, rather than a know it all? Bring curiosity.
  • Have you been banging your head against the wall? Bring grit and flexibility.


How might your 18-month-self make today’s decisions?

Don’t jettison established leadership practices for a whim. However, the only way to be authentic is to let your recent story inform current decisions.

View today’s decisions through the lens of who you are today, not who you used to be.

Danger signs:

When you see ugliness in yourself ask, “How might I move toward beauty in the next 18 months?” Suppose your 18-month-self is isolated, fearful, angry, or bitter. Use that as motivation for growth.

What pros and cons do you see if leaders focus on their 18-month-self?

How might leaders include their 18-month-self in day-to-day leadership?