How to Beat Your Inner-Critic into Submission

Inner-critics stomp around smashing hope and shattering confidence.

The goal of your inner-critic is safety.

The top 7 expressions of inner-critics:

  1. You should have. Inner-critics love the negative past.
  2. You screwed up.
  3. They don’t like you.
  4. You can’t do that.
  5. You’re a loser.
  6. You’re stupid.
  7. You can’t change it.

5 ways to beat inner-critics into submission:

#1. Attainable goals shame inner-critics.

Your inner-critic shouts, “Go for it,” when you set unreasonable goals.

  1. What’s the bravest thing you can do today? Fear is a favorite tool of inner-critics.
  2. How will you take responsibility for success? Your inner-critic shrivels when you own something.

#2. Isolation strengthens inner-critics.

Your inner-critic claps and laughs when you build walls and silos.

  1. Who will fight the battle with you? Lock arms with someone who shares your values and embraces similar goals.
  2. Whose team can you join? If you aren’t sure what you want, help someone who is sure.

#3. Feedback chokes inner-critics.

Seeking feedback is the beginning of ownership.

First, describe a win. “I’m working to earn a promotion.”

Second, ask two questions:

  1. What am I doing that helps me win?
  2. What am I doing that hinders me from winning?

#4. Progress defeats inner-critics.

The goal of your inner critic is self-defeat.

  1. What’s the biggest step forward you can complete today? Don’t worry that it’s small. Complete it. Inner-critics loathe progress.
  2. What small behavior-changes help you get what you want for yourself and others?

#5. Aspiration humbles inner-critics.

Your inner-critic creates avoidance by reminding you of painful screw ups.

  1. What will you do next time? Your inner-critic throws a tantrum when you turn to the future.
  2. What do you want for yourself? Your inner-critic concentrates on “don’t want” and “don’t like”.
  3. What do you want for others? Your inner-critic wants you to forget others and collapse inward.

What are some favorite strategies of inner-critics?

How might leaders beat their inner-critic into submission?