7 Secrets to High Performance

Challenges to high performance include entitlement, unfocused energy, and soul-sucking systems.

Questions that expose high performers:

#1 What makes you think you want to be a high performer?

It helps to know why you aspire to high performance.

Saying you want a promotion is lame. Why do you want a promotion? Financial gain? Feeling respected? Making a difference? Growth and learning? Building relationships?

Purpose fuels passion.

#2. What are you DOING to show up as a high performer?

Desire is a cheap substitute for action.

If you made a list of things you’re actually DOING to be a high performer, what would be on it?

Would you say you’re a high performer because you work hard? I know lots of average performers who work very hard.

Long hours aren’t the answer to high performance either. You won’t succeed if your goal is working long hours. I know many high performers who usually eat dinner at home, contribute to their communities, and take vacations.

#3. How are you learning and changing?

The most important factors in becoming a high performer are learning, growth, and change. If you’re doing the same thing – the same way – over and over – you’re struggling toward mediocrity.

I didn’t ask WHAT are you learning and changing. I asked HOW. What’s your system?

7 suggestions:

  1. Read 12 books a year and implement one new idea from each.
  2. Meet once a month with a group of leaders who work on leadership.
  3. Hire a coach.
  4. Seek feedback once a week on specific topics from colleagues and customers. Act on it.
  5. Stop needing to be right. Relax. Listen more and talk less. 
  6. Get uncomfortable. Try new things.
  7. Give yourself permission to make things better, regardless of your position.

Bonus: Define high performance.

How do you spot high performers?

What makes a person a high performer?

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