21 Ways to Fuel Vitality in Challenging Reality

Drooping shoulders and hanging hands point to dark water ahead.

There’s a word for low energy leaders and low aspiration teams. Dying!

21 ways to fuel vitality in challenging reality:

High vitality leadership concerns the WAY leaders get things done.

  1. Decide. Neutrality drains vitality.
  2. Rest. Take a five minute walk between meetings. No phone.
  3. Adapt. Leaders who won’t adapt, drain brains and defeat creativity.
  4. Kind candor. Avoidance drains. Say what you really think, not what you’re supposed to say.
  5. Next steps. What “might be” is more compelling than what “used to be”.
  6. Establish direction. It helps to know where you’re going when the path is steep. What words define your aspirational destination?
  7. Focus. Paralysis is moving in five directions at once.
    • How might you narrow focus today?
    • What one thing would you like to accomplish in the next hour?
  8. Connection and conversation. Talk about something other than work. Banter lightens the load.
  9. Solutions. Move from problem to possibility.
  10. Shared goals. Shared goals fuel passion. Everything else is bland conformity.
  11. Gratitude. High expectations, challenge, support, and GRATITUDE create environments of performance. Gratitude says hard work is worth it.
  12. Initiative. Procrastination and delay drain. Remember the last time you tackled a project you’d been putting off? Imagined monsters are worse than the real thing. You can deal with real monsters.
  13. Generosity. Help an old lady across the street. Don’t make a long-term commitment.
  14. Affirmation. Say, “When I see you at your best, I see you ….” Affirmation has high Return on Energy for both givers and receivers.
  15. Hold your head up. I mean this literally. 
  16. Breathe. Take a few moments to calm your spirit and clear your mind before your next task or conversation.
  17. Authenticity.
  18. Reward.
  19. Respect.
  20. Learn.
  21. Journal.

Which of these vitality building activities could you practice today? How?

What vitality building activities might you add to the “complete” list?