Warren Buffet Explains his Greatest Investment

He said, “I knew you were going to ask. The answer is, ‘Yes.’”

A commitment:

He had committed to give one personal face-to-face affirmation everyday for two weeks. I thought it was a leap. He said, “I like challenges.”

At the end of our coaching call, I asked, “What do you want me to ask you about next time?”

He said, “Ask me about giving personal affirmations.”

There was a 95% chance he would make change.


In his book, It’s Not About the Money, Bob Proctor explains research on the likelihood that you will make change.

Personal change might begin with a good idea. But good ideas aren’t enough.

  1. You have a 10% chance of making change if you say, “That’s a good idea.”
  2. You have a 25% chance of making change if you say, “”I’ll do it.”
  3. You have a 40% chance of making change if you set a time to do it.
  4. You have a 50% chance of making change if you plan HOW to do it.
  5. You have a 60% chance of making change if you make a commitment.
  6. You have a 95% chance of making change if you set a specific time to share your progress with someone. (Level 6 appointment.)

Warren Buffet’s greatest investment:

“… there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself. Address whatever you feel your weaknesses are, and do it now.

I was terrified of public speaking when I was young. I couldn’t do it. It cost me $100 to take a Dale Carnegie course, and it changed my life.

I got so confident about my new ability, I proposed to my wife during the middle of the course.” Warren Buffet

Today’s challenge:

Invest in yourself. Think of a good idea that nudges your leadership in a positive direction. Make a “Level 6” appointment.

How might you make personal change?

How might you help others make personal change?

*The post is inspired by an email I received from Whitney Johnson. In that email she referenced Bob Proctor’s book.