One Strategy to Pop the Cork on Stress

It’s great to have someone show interest in you.

A friend, Richard Croad from New Zealand, just asked about highlights I have experienced over the last couple years.

Lot’s of highlights come to mind. Visiting Ireland and London, talking with some of the smartest leadership experts in the world, and traveling with my wife all come to mind.

The most satisfying experience is a shift in approach that’s evolved over the years.

I’m not sure when it happened, but I show up differently than I did in the past.

Leadership Freak blog is a little over eight years old. I’ve been traveling and speaking for about seven years. My concerns have changed in a way that cause greater satisfaction.

Worry more about liking people and less about being liked.

I show up to like people. In the past I showed up worrying if people liked me. Now, when I meet people at speaking engagements, I find something to like about them.

It feels good to forget – at least a little – about myself and appreciate others. Not long ago, I visited a client just to let them know I liked them. It felt great.

Showing up to like people pops the cork on the pressure to be liked. It’s joyful and freeing.

  1. Notice something good about everyone you meet.
  2. A focus on faults and weaknesses feels like dislike.
  3. When you correct, confront, coach, or instruct, do it with with a forward-facing approach. Turn people toward what they could do. That feels like you like them.
  4. When someone volunteers a bit of personal information, honor it. They aren’t sharing so you can outdo them.
  5. People tend to like you when you like them.

If Richard asked you for one of your highlights over the past few years, what would you say?