You Might Be a Psycho-Employee If …

After reading 7 Ways to Deal with a Psycho Boss, a friend suggested I write about psycho-employees.

You might be a psycho-employee if you use your wife’s urine to pass a drug test and your wife is pregnant. (Reader’s Digest) If you aren’t a psycho, you’re dumb as a rock.

You might be a psycho-employee if …

#1. You expect your boss to make everything at work meaningful and exciting.

Sometimes work sucks. Make the best of it.

#2. You believe meaningful work is easy.

Meaningful work is rewarding, not easy.

If you aren’t doing hard things, you don’t matter much in this world.

Purpose gives meaning to hard work, but it’s not an exemption from sweat.

A little ease is helpful. A lot of ease is evil.

#3. You concentrate on what’s wrong with your boss, but nothing’s wrong with you.

#4. You blame your boss for what’s wrong with you.

#5. You refuse to see yourself through the eyes of your boss.

Read Emotional Intelligence 2.0 to increase your EQ.

#6. You build protective walls around yourself and get upset when your boss doesn’t treat you ‘right’.

Protective walls are built by scaredy-cats.

It takes courage to know and be yourself.

Psycho-employees might improve if they:

  1. Understood mindreading is a parlor trick.
  2. Realized they aren’t the center of the universe.
  3. Accepted themselves rather than wearing masks.
  4. Spoke their mind before they were angry.

#7. You reject feedback.

Psycho-employees have no idea the boss is tolerating their psycholery.

The boss is trying to help, but psycho-employees feel picked on.

When you give a psycho-employee feedback, they think something’s wrong with YOU. 


You might be a psycho-employee if all you do is think of others when you read the above list.

You’re definitely a psycho-employee if you see yourself on the list and still think the problem is your boss.

How would you complete, “You might be a psycho-employee if … “

What’s one simple thing you could do today to be less of a psycho?