How to Honor Heart

Leaders typically honor results, but what are you doing to honor heart?

Jamie Dimon said the secret of great leadership is humility and heart. Dimon is the CEO of America’s biggest bank, JPMorgan Chase. (HBR July-August 2018)

Choose AND:

Reject short-sighted notions that you must choose between honoring heart and achieving long-term results.

Affirm results AND honor heart.

Honor heart to fuel energy.

Heart is the engine that drives long-term results.

The end is near when you lose heart.

How to honor heart:

#1. Honor character:

  1. Grit. Notice when people take a hit and keep going.
  2. Compassion. The most costly emotion – in the short-term – is compassion. You give a piece of yourself away when you extend compassion. Relationships cannot endure apart from compassion. Applaud when someone on your team shows compassion. Ass kicking is easy compared to showing compassion.
  3. Integrity. Stand up and cheer when someone stands up for what’s right. Celebrate when team members point out mistakes. Listen deeply to disconfirming suggestions.
  4. Optimism. Negativity is a pandemic in business. Define three behaviors that express optimism. When you see optimism, name the behavior and say, “Thank you.”
  5. Noticing. Some people only think of themselves. Leaders notice others. If you have an optimistic-noticer on your team, give them a hug. Successful leaders learn to get outside themselves. Noticing is essential.

#2. Honor the person, not just the results:

  1. Talk about the energy it took to produce results.
  2. Respect positive motivation and intention that gets jobs done.
  3. Explain the emotional  impact of results. “When you …., others feel….”
  4. Say, “I feel proud you’re on our team when I see you (action).” Say this when someone tries again after falling short, for example.
  5. Ask yourself, “What unnoticed attitudes or behaviors did it take to get this job done?” Talk about those things.

What character qualities might leaders honor?

How might leaders show honor to the person, not just the results?

If you’re on holiday, how might you honor the people around you?