I Know Things

Spotted on a tee shirt in a book store – “When I drink, I know things.”

I turned to my wife and said, “I don’t even need to drink.”

I know things:

#1. I know fear of failure has helped me succeed.

Concern for loss of reputation or respect motivates when things are going wrong.

Ego is useful when used in service of others.

Ego harms when it devalues others.

#2. I know frustration is a good thing when it ignites solution-finding, but exhausting when you snuggle up with it.

Frustration is your response to ‘evil’. No one gets red-faced when you finish ahead of time and under budget.

Four questions drain poison from anger.

  1. What do you want?
  2. What’s important about that?
  3. How might you include others?
  4. What’s the most reasonable step forward?

#3. I know character waits on the other side of disappointment and pain.

You find character digging ditches, not lounging on the beach.

Grit expresses and develops character.

The only way to develop grit is to use it. When you give up on meaningful work because it’s hard, you lose some of yourself.

Grit tip: Hang with people who have grit if you want to develop grit.

#4. I know real power comes from largeness of heart.

Vulnerable, compassionate, and positive intention compose largeness of heart.

You’re irresistible when you express heart. Others may not agree with you, but they will respect you.

Small-hearted leaders are repulsive.

#5. I know the longer you nurture relationships the more valuable they become.

Revolving-door relationships build a shallow life, even if it feels fun.

  1. Take care of the people who pull the plow beside you.
  2. Invest time with people who share your beliefs.
  3. Don’t rashly cut someone out of your inner-circle.
  4. Honor and serve those who make you a better person.

How would you complete, “I know things…?”