A One Week New Year’s Resolution

“The problem with the future is it keeps turning into the present.” Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Don’t commit to doing something for a year if you haven’t done it for a week.

Forget about radical change in 2019. Make one small change for five days.

Choose a New Year’s Resolution that requires five minutes a day, no more. At the end of five days, commit to continue for another five days, or not.

Choose a New Year’s Resolution that’s so small you can’t fail.

Seven steps to a New Year (Week):

Step one: Get a box of thank you notes.

Step two: Keep the thank you notes in plain view.

Step three: Give yourself a daily reminder to notice and record something good about ONE team member. Do this for five days. Focus on ONE person for five days.

Step four: Write a thank you note using pen and paper.

Step five: Personally, hand the note to your “gratitude target.”

Step six: Say, “I’ve noticed some things about you this week and I thought I’d write them down.”

Step seven: Walk away.

If you need help finding good things to notice, keep reading.

10 good things you could notice:

  1. Character traits that make a difference for others.
  2. Ways they practice organizational values.
  3. Every day practices you respect. (Don’t wait for extraordinary behaviors to express gratitude.)
  4. Actions that go beyond their job description.
  5. Ways they make life better for others.
  6. Things they are learning.
  7. How they are growing.
  8. Things they do to challenge the status quo.
  9. Skills you admire.
  10. Attitudes that improve your environment.

After I publish this post, I’m heading to the store for my box of thank you notes.

What simple behaviors might you suggest for New Year’s Resolutions?