The Worst Haircut of My Life

I bet you cut your own hair when you were a kid. Many of us did. Maybe your mom fixed it by setting the clippers on #1 and giving you a buzz cut.

I don’t remember the specifics but I remember giving myself a haircut. I have a vague feeling that my brothers did too.

You learn that a buzz cut is better than a big white space where you should have hair.

Worst haircut:

Last Wednesday I received the worst haircut of my life.

I didn’t see it coming because I take my glasses off for the procedure. When I put my glasses on, I thought, “Maybe I just need to go home and wet my hair and comb it the right way.”

I kept looking at myself in the rear view mirror while I drove home.

It was so bad that it took a while for the ugly truth to sink in. I might need a crew cut to fix this.

7 lessons from a bad haircut:

#1. Things don’t magically improve. If it looks bad now, it won’t look better when you get home.

#2. Face the brutal truth and actively intervene. I called the salon, “I just got the worst haircut of my life.”

#3. Go with the people who have delivered the goods in the past. My regular person has been sick. I was desperate.

#4. Desperation usually isn’t a good reason to have an ‘unknown’ do something IMPORTANT!

#5. Past performance is a predictor of future performance.

#6. It’s always good to monitor progress. Keep your glasses on.

#7. The remedy is a person. Thankfully, someone I know was available. She fixed my hair without giving me a buzz cut.

What do ‘bad haircuts’ teach you about leading?