Three Surprising Benefits of Making a Commitment

A leader who’s reluctant to commit respects the value of commitments. But remarkable success demands commitment.

Reluctance to commit is natural. Refusal to commit is deadly.

Leaders who excel make courageous commitments.  Half-hearted commitment always disappoints.

The courage to commit is the beginning of success.

3 surprising benefits of making commitments:

#1. Increased creativity.

You can’t figure out how to do what you don’t want to do.

You figure out how to fulfill commitments. Lack of commitment makes you dumb.

Creativity follows commitment.

#2. Energy.

Energy follows commitments.

Before commitments, you’re reluctant and lethargic.

Commitments give direction to energy. Potential energy is useless until it’s released.

#3. Limiting options – establishing priorities.

Apart from commitment, the seduction of shiny objects wins.

When you commit to your spouse, you eliminate other options.

Drifting is excluded when you commit to excel.

Commitment tips:

#1. Make small commitments.

Stephen Guise says a commitment to do one push-up a day changed his life. (Mini Habits) The commitment to go to my office and put my hands on the keyboard has resulted in over 3,000 blog posts.

I didn’t set out to write 3,000 blog posts. If I had, I never would have started.

Guise says if your commitment is embarrassingly small, you’re on the right path.

#2. Commit just for today.

Avoid most long-term commitments.

Commit to give three affirmations for every correction or criticism – just for today.

#3. Commit with.

Find a commitment partner – someone who will commit with you. You go further with than alone.

Six commitments of successful leaders:

  1. Fertilize your leadership.
  2. Use the scalpel on yourself – seek feedback.
  3. Try stuff.
  4. Persistently turn toward the future.
  5. Bring up elephants.
  6. Keep your piggy bank empty. Give all the credit to others.

Do something where failure matters.

What prevents leaders from making commitments?

What commitments do successful leaders make?