Shazam and Other Ridiculous Solutions

The simple habit that changes my life is putting my fingers on the keyboard and starting to type. I’m never sure of the result. I am sure of the first step.

Even a monkey can put his fingers on a keyboard.

One push-up in bed:

Stephen Guise changed his life by committing to do ONE PUSH-UP a day. He couldn’t exercise 30 minutes a day. But he could commit to one push-up a day. (Mini Habits)

Guise recalls the night he went to bed and realized he hadn’t done his push-up. He rolled onto his stomach and did one push-up in bed. SUCCESS!

If your commitment is ridiculously simple, you’ll be able to achieve it. Put on your walking shoes every day, for example.

The Shazam Method:

Perhaps follow-through is lacking on your team. Have your team give a ridiculous name to ‘lack of follow-through’. Call it Shazam!

Once a day – everyday – use Shazam in a sentence.

  • At the end of the day, stick your head in someone’s office – smile – and exclaim, “Shazam.”
  • In the morning, greet one person with, “Shazam!”
  • Use Shazam as a question. Just look at someone – out of the blue – and ask, “Shazam?”


Design an intervention and lower it by 90%.

Set the most ridiculous goal you can imagine. If it seems ridiculously simple and easy, you’re on the right path.

  1. Write the phrase ‘Gratitude Journal’ at the top of a piece of paper and leave the tip of your pen on the paper for 10 seconds every day.
  2. Open a book and look at the page for 10 seconds every day.
  3. Breathe deeply for 10 seconds to increase your ability to be present every day.
  4. Say thank you once a day.

You must begin to finish.

What ridiculously simple commitment might you begin today?

*If you haven’t figured it out, this post is inspired by Mini Habits by Stephen Guise.