Holy Shift

You have a holy shift in your story. It happened when you realized you still had room to grow and more to learn.

Humility and humiliation:

“We learn about humility through humiliation.” Bill Treasurer

Nothing like a “good” failure to compensate for dangerous over-confidence.

You thought you knew, but you didn’t. You thought you could, but you couldn’t. Something happened that humbled you. Bill Treasurer, co-author of The Leadership Killer, believes it’s a pivotal interruption.


Arrogance – apart from interruption – rushes blindly toward oblivion.

Bill taught me how to effectively interrupt people.

  1. Care for people.
  2. Build trust with people.
  3. Help people find clarity and congruence with their values.
  4. Point out incongruence between values and behaviors.

Bill said, “Hold the mirror up and people interrupt themselves.”

4 ways to practice the holy shift:

  1. Hold your finger over your lips when someone else is talking.
  2. Use W.A.I.T. – an acronym for, “Why am I talking?”
  3. Walk the deck plates. (Capt. Havlik, Ret.) You want to spend time with the bosses, but humility spends time with people who are actually doing the work.
  4. Appoint a C.E.D. – Chief Ego Deflater. Deputize a person who can hold up the mirror and tell you when you’re full of yourself.

Watch the “nose hair” incident:


Bill’s holy shift tips:

  1. Watch what happens to you when other people have something good happen to them.
  2. Honor people who are doing better than you.
  3. Learn from people who are smarter than you.
  4. Put yourself in situations where you’re smaller.
  5. Remember that at the end of the day, we all go into the dirt. Know that you’re frail.
  6. Honor the work. Don’t rest on past performance.
  7. Arrogance is about individuals. Confidence knows it’s more about the team.

Practice humility even if you don’t feel it.

How might leaders make the holy shift?

This post is based on my conversation with Bill Treasurer, co-author of The Leadership Killer.

Watch the entire interview on youtube.