Three Questions that Invent the Future and Defeat Stagnation

The future is invented by what you do today, not by what you plan to do tomorrow.

Three questions that invent the future:

#1. What do you need to stop?

If your life is full and you’re not flourishing, you’re filling life with things that don’t matter to you.

A busy life is not necessarily a full life.

Frantic busyness might be fear and boredom in disguise. Perhaps the busiest people among us are escaping life, not inventing the future.

Four tips…

  1. Clarify what matters to you. Imagine a year has passed. Your hands are raised in victory. People around you are cheering.
    • Who is cheering?
    • What are they saying to you?
  2. Stop doing things that matter less so you can focus on things that matter more.
  3. Get someone else to do things that matter less to you. Someone enjoys doing things that drain you.
  4. Improve your skills so it takes less time to do what you’re currently doing.

#2. What opportunity might you seize?

Move away from, “What’s wrong and how can I fix it?”

The temptation to focus on what’s wrong leads to darkness. Yes, some problems need attention, but they aren’t worthy of relentless focus.

Seizing opportunity transforms life.

Problem-fixers are back-ward facing. Fixing problems focuses on something that began in the past.

Fixing problems is safer than seizing opportunities.

Opportunity-seizing is forward-facing.

#3. What’s important to you about current opportunity?

Connect action with purpose to fuel energy and build stamina.

“Start with Why.” Simon Sinek

How might leaders invent the future?