Power in the Face of Disruption

The difference between wannabe leaders and actual leaders is focus.

I’ve been asking leaders, “What would make this week just a little better than last week?” A diet of doom and gloom is making me gag.

Please tell me what you can do, not what you can’t.

Can do:

You might need to dig through a pile of crap, but all leaders emerge with a shining point of personal responsibility – something they CAN DO.

Successful leaders focus their energy on imperfect points of action.

I don’t mean to minimize current or future challenges. I mean to shift focus from powerless to powerful.

Powerless or powerful:

Focusing on weakness feels like being hugged by a teddy bear, until teddy shows his teeth.

Weakness languishes in the false comfort of blame and resentment. Solace and self-affirming complacency are the destructive teeth of weakness.

You ignore your power when you focus on things you can’t control.

The challenge of power:

Everyone who ignores their power validates the things they complain about.

The challenge of owning your power is personal responsibility. You’re stuck until you embrace things you can do and forget about things you can’t control.

Expend your energy on nudging the agenda forward, not on grieving.

Expressions of power:

Here are some of the responses I received when I asked, “What would make this week just a little better than last week?”

  1. Mail handwritten thank you notes to each leader on my team.
  2. Teach people how to be present.
  3. Recognize that the team is adaptable, flexible, dependable and willing to do what’s necessary. My job is to ensure they know they are valued.
  4. Craft unifying messaging that the leadership team fully embraces.
  5. Convince my team to see opportunities in COVID-19.

Success is always about something you can do, not what you can’t.

What expressions of weakness are you seeing?

How might leaders help others embrace their power?