A Way of Seeing that Expands Leadership

Gratitude is a way of seeing, even when life isn’t perfect.

the way to enlarge gratitude is to frequently express it.png

The opposite of gratitude:

  1. Envy. You can’t enjoy what you have because others have more.
  2. Blindness. You close your eyes to goodness.
  3. Arrogance. You deserve better.
  4. Bitterness. You refuse to find advantage in disadvantage.

4 benefits of gratitude:

  1. Opens the mind to ideas.
  2. Frees the heart from regret.
  3. Energizes after disappointment.
  4. Transforms negative attitudes. (Yours more than theirs.)

Gratitude faces challenges, opportunities, disappointments, and people with optimism. .

3 ways to find gratitude:

#1. Look for the good.

Never allow aspiration to snuff out gratitude. Enlarge gratitude by paying attention to small benefits.

Wisdom is persistently reaching high and expressing gratitude for imperfect progress at the same time.

Allow aspiration and gratitude to co-exist. When aspiration drives out gratitude, teams grow exasperated.  

#2. Celebrate small.

  • A smile.
  • A warm handshake.
  • An ordinary task done well.

Enlarge gratitude by frequently expressing it. 

Unexpressed gratitude is ungratefulness.

Don’t wait to feel thankful to practice gratefulness.

Say thank you, even though you’re not the one being served.

  1. The teenager who is doing a great job washing windows.
  2. The employee who stays busy when nobody’s watching.
  3. The new leader who lifts her head to see how others are doing.
  4. The flight attendant who gave her seat to a disabled passenger. (She was deadheading and had a seat with extra leg room.)

#3. Believe in purpose.

Gratitude is more about belief than circumstances. Believe you have an imperfect contribution to make.

  1. Forget what you could have done.
  2. Let go the need for immediate results.
  3. Understand breakthroughs are often the result of endurance in obscurity, not dramatic one time events.

Gratitude is a practice that transforms life over time. It won’t instantly erase painful memories, for example. But, it may ignite glimpses of happiness quickly.

Gratitude makes you bigger.

What prevents us from expressing gratitude?

How might you find gratitude?

Note: This post was originally published 11/26/2015