5 Things I Learned From 30 Days of Gratitude

My gratitude practice: Record one point of gratitude every day. (It must be written, not simply thought.)

Duckling stretches it wings.

Stretch goals enable development. Achievable goals enable mastery.

Lessons from 30 days of gratitude:

#1. Gratitude is disproportionately beneficial.

Overall, November was more enjoyable than many previous months. A simple gratitude practice made the difference.

#2. Aim low.

In the past, my gratitude practice occasionally made me ungrateful. I set a goal of recording five things on my gratitude list. That’s just too many.

This year my goal was low and easily achieved.

Stretch goals enable development. Achievable goals promote mastery.

#3. Gratitude shifts mindset.

The thing you set your mind on in the morning impacts the ending you experience at night.

Mindset has consequences.

The things you set your mind on determine the ends you achieve. Set your mind on benefits and advantages in order to achieve desires and goals.

A gratitude mindset promotes joyful action.

A don’t-have mindset promotes excuse-making, weakness, and stagnation.

#4. Modeling increases confidence.

One of the most discomforting principles of leadership is ‘responsibility begins with you’.

Expect more from yourself than you expect from others.

My personal gratitude practice gave me permission to encourage others to practice gratitude.

#5. Modeling expands credibility.

When it comes to mistakes, ‘Do what I say, NOT what I do’ is useful.

Experience has a measure of usefulness when you explain how you screwed up. But hypocrisy – saying one thing and doing another – is disillusioning to followers and arrogant of you.

Telling people what to do is easy. Telling yourself what to do elevates credibility.

  1. Improve yourself if you expect others to improve.
  2. Listen if you expect others to listen.
  3. Follow-through if you expect others to follow-through.

Frustration with others points to responsibility for you.

What is it about YOU that invites disappointing performance from others?

What has gratitude taught you?

How might gratitude make leaders easier to follow?

Bonus material:

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