How to Multiply the Impact of your Talent and Strength

Sometimes you feel people are the problem.

Not everyone enriches the team. Some require inordinate attention. Others never get to the point of positive contribution.

You begin to feel that people are more trouble than they are worth.

People aren’t the problem; they multiply the impact of your talent and strength.

Female weightlifter 

Self-sufficiency is self-deception.


You might feel more effective working apart from pesky people, but self-sufficiency is self-deception.

Leadership in isolation is contradiction.

Leadership is more like basketball than weightlifting. It’s always a team sport.

Isolation inflates ego.

Connection maximizes the impact of your talent and strength.

Persistent disconnection makes you irrelevant.

Teams and relevance:

The combination of short and tall players on a basketball team make it successful. The talent of tall players has greater relevance on a team that includes short players.

Connection enhances relevance. Disconnection squanders talent and strength.

Isolation limits contribution.

Authority works from a distance but leading requires relationship.

What relationship might you strengthen today?

Contribution or criticism:

The role you play on your team depends on opportunity, talent, and strength.

Talent and strength predict contribution – only when you know how to function on a team.

Think of a basketball team again. What if the tall people criticize the short people because they don’t get rebounds?

Teams thrive when players respect and maximize each other’s contribution.

Who might you depend on today?

Strengths and contribution:

Talent is genetic.

Everyone has talent, but not everyone has strengths.

Talents are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied.”

Strengths are developed.

“Talents, knowledge, and skills — along with the time spent (i.e., investment) practicing, developing your skills, and building your knowledge base — combine to create your strengths.” (

Elevate your contribution by developing your strengths.

How might you expand someone’s relevance today?

Whose strengths might expand your relevance and contribution today?