I Haven’t Grown Up – Have You?

We all get older but we’re children till we die.

When my wife flirts with me, sarcastically I say, “Grow up!” But maybe we shouldn’t grow up. Perhaps we haven’t.

Embrace your inner child before it’s too late. (Especially if you’re a leader.)


Some differences are good.

I don’t throw myself on the floor like I did when I was two. I’ve also come to realize the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Getting in touch with your inner child isn’t embracing immaturity.

Practice self-control, self-awareness, and responsibility for yourself and those you lead. But what happens if you remember you’re still a kid inside and the people on your team are too?

Perhaps you need a reminder of things kids love.

25 things kids love a lot:

  1. Undivided attention.
  2. Their world.
  3. Creative pursuits.
  4. Dance parties.
  5. Cuddles.
  6. Best friends.
  7. Structure.
  8. You notice things about them.
  9. Choice.
  10. A predictable schedule.
  11. Traditions.
  12. Photos and stories.
  13. Cooking.
  14. Playing outside.
  15. Not be in a rush.
  16. Grandma and grandpa time.
  17. Showing interest.
  18. Their artwork.
  19. Regular one-on-one time.
  20. Hearing “I Love You.”
  21. Listening.
  22. A healthy environment.
  23. Silliness.
  24. Guidance.
  25. Support.

Exclusions and clarifications:

I love everything kids love, with a few modifications.

Dance parties are out! (#4) An occasional sway with my wife is all I can manage. The ballroom dance lessons were fun but didn’t work.

I don’t need approval like I did when I was five, but I enjoy it. (#8)

Cooking (#13) is good if it’s meat on a grill. Anything with fire makes me light up. I feel like a man if I cook a perfect steak on the grill. I don’t like cooking cupcakes with sprinkles. Does that seem childish? Good!

Grandpa and grandma time isn’t possible but I love spending time with wise people who accept me. (#16)

What’s on the list of things that children love that you want nothing to do with?

How would you speak to team members if you imagined they were five-years old? (Tomorrow’s post.)

After thought:

This post came to mind when my wife opened the door and cheered for me while I was running the snow blower. (#17, #20, #23) Do you think less of me that I enjoyed it?