How Energy Increases, Strength Grows, and the Seduction of Doing Easy Things is Resisted

You don’t find strength while snoozing in a hammock or snacking at the movies.

Expand potential by doing things that require energy and strength.

Strength rises when you do hard things.

No challenge – no strength.

Bear cub climbing a tree.

Big challenge produces big strength.

Resist the seduction of easy things:

Pack-dwellers grab low-hanging apples. But opportunities emerge and potential expands when you reach high.

Low goals insult talent.

Self-respect isn’t found lounging in a hammock. It comes to those who do hard things.

Stop drifting. How might you reach high?

Low-hanging fruit provides quick easy wins, but you learn what you’re made of when you climb for the top of the tree.

Big challenge produces big strength.

6 ways to increase energy and grow strength:

“The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts…” Marcus Aurelius

#1. Maintain undistracted focus on clear goals and objectives. You never wander your way to high-hanging fruit.

#2. Hold passion to please your boss in your heart. People pleasing is often a hinderance. But ethically pleasing the people over you expands opportunities.

#3. Demonstrate high ethical standards that protect long-term gains. We all know people who fell from the heights.

#4. Focus on winning. You don’t win by fearing losing. You don’t win when you worry about the runner to your left or right. You move forward when you look to the finish line.

#5. Work hard. If you’re looking for an easy job, don’t seek leadership.

#6. Savor the benefits of service. Enjoy relationships with people you have served. Be thankful for respect that comes from diligent service.

You can’t control everything that pops into your head, but you can control the things you set your mind on.

5 behaviors that increase energy and grow strength:

  1. Give honor instead of demanding honor.
  2. Maintain zeal in low-energy environments.
  3. Focus on service even when under-appreciated.
  4. Meet pressing needs when no one is watching.
  5. Practice kindness even when people seem unkind.

What expands potential?

How might leaders find the power to do hard things?

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