How to Monitor Momentum to Maximize Progress

A coaching client asked his team, “In what area of your life do you have the most momentum?”

Monitor momentum to maximize progress.

I monitored my momentum and discovered three high potential opportunities.

Leaping. Leaping in the mountains.

Monitor momentum to maximize progress.

#1. Collaboration.

Connecting and collaborating produce possibilities, stretch strengths, and increase impact.

In one case, a short simple email to an author will result in a book that I never would have produced on my own.

In another case, exploring an opportunity to collaborate with someone who reached out to me will increase impact for both of us.

Lesson: Say yes a little more when someone shows up at your door.

Collaboration tip:

Notice the people who come into your life and ask two questions.

  1. How might you serve them?
  2. How might they serve you?

Leadership expands when you let people serve you.

Not letting people serve you blocks exponential progress.

#2. Course correction.

Small course corrections produce big effect when the ship is already at sea.

I wrote ONE item on a gratitude notepad everyday in November, not 3 items and definitely not 5. It was one of the best small course corrections I did all year. (Sometimes I cheated and wrote more than one.)

I enjoyed my gratitude practice so much that I’m still doing it.

  1. Distill big goals into small daily actions.
  2. Tell people about your small daily actions. We learn and grow in community.
  3. Energy from a small success spins the flywheel. But discouragement slows progress.

Busy people only have room for small adjustments.

#3. Monitor energy.

I encourage clients to monitor their energy. What lights you up and what drains you?


  1. Reveals who you are. Upticks in energy point to values and strengths.
  2. Multiplies results. High energy always produces more results than low.

Self-control lifts your spirit, but trying to control others is like swamp-walking.

In what area of your life do you see the most momentum?

How might leaders maximize their own momentum? Their team’s momentum?

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