Navigating People-Threats with Confidence

In nature the strong eat the weak. We live in a threatening world. Thankfully, no one is trying to eat you, at least literally.

Threats happen when:

  1. Competitors gain a foothold with your clients.
  2. Boundaries blur and colleagues intrude on your turf.
  3. Someone wants your job.

Malevolent people are bigger threats than difficult circumstances. The most dangerous people smile while they cut you down.

Image of a magnified fly.

The more you think about something the bigger it gets.

Navigating people-threats with confidence:

#1. Listen to what people say. Believe what they do.

Threat wants to be perceived as a friend. It approaches with a smile on its lips and a knife behind its back.

#2. Obsessing is natural. Don’t condemn yourself.

Fear demands attention. Before long all you see is fear and all you taste is bitter.

#3. Recurring thoughts are magnifiers.

The more you think about something, the bigger it gets. Yes, take threats seriously, but focus on solution-finding, not catastrophizing.

#4. Agreements aren’t solutions.

Negotiated agreements with a threat might help, but they don’t remove concerns. The enigma of Ronald Regan’s statement comes to mind. “Trust but verify.”

#5. Protecting yourself is only half the battle.

When threatened you tend to build walls to protect your turf. But the walls that keep others out, hold you in. The added question is how you will expand your boundaries and add more value to others.

#6. Reconnect with your best self.

Threat pushes you off center. You forget yourself. When you forget yourself, you are never your best self.

Never let a threat be an excuse to do things you can’t tell momma about.

#7. Grow through, don’t simply push through.

  1. How will you be a better person as a result of growing through a threat?
  2. What’s going to be different about you when this threat is over?
  3. How will you live up to your aspirational self today, not when this is over?

The above list is only a beginning. What suggestions do you have for succeeding when facing people-threats?