12 Growth Moments People Often Miss

Bluebirds sit on nearby branches dangling bugs in their beaks to tempt hungry adolescents to fly.

Flight is motivated more by hunger than passion.

Discomfort drives growth.


One of the hardest parts of growth is casting off.

12 growth moments people often miss:

#1. An old relationship is disintegrating. It might be a job, a friend, or a mentor.

#2. A new relationship is emerging. Someone unexpected reached out to you. Open the door and let them in. They might have an ulterior motive, but what if they don’t?

One of the most important factors of growth is inviting new people in.

#3. You feel a need to get away. Go ahead. Your brain processes new ideas when you’re having fun.

The desire to avoid suggests there is something to avoid.

#4. You notice how the opinion of others has too much influence in your life.

#5. You realize that others need to do some of the things you’re doing.

One of the hardest parts of growth is casting off.

#6. Past accomplishments aren’t as grand as they once seemed.

You’re wondering if this is all there is.

#7. The feeling that you have something important to contribute is making old routines unsatisfying.

#8. Contentment is going down. Dissatisfaction is rising.

Rising discontent doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to change jobs. It might be time to find new ways of doing your current job.

#9. Purpose and meaning are becoming more important than achievement.

You lose yourself in the pursuit of achievement and find yourself in the quest for meaningful contribution.

#10. Being with people who love you means more than ever.

Growth needs nurture.

#11. Being with people who outshine you is fascinating not intimidating.

#12. The journey is a little more satisfying than reaching the next goal.

Bonus: You have a lousy boss.

Which of the above ideas seem most useful to you today?

What might you add to this list of ways to notice growth moments?