4 Ways to Become a Leader with an Open Heart

Leading is a battle when you build walls around your heart. But a leader with an open heart builds supportive relationships.

People in relationship work hard for each other. A team of average players that pulls together will outperform a team of superstars that pulls for themselves.

Lead with an open heart so you can deliver results through relationships.

Image of a strutting rooster.

Insecurity strives for superiority.

4 ways to become a leader with an open heart:

#1. Believe you have value.

Leaders with open hearts have confidence in their ability to contribute. Self-protective leaders fear they aren’t enough.

Insecurity strives for superiority.

4 symptoms of striving for superiority:

  1. Insecurity in others. A leader who needs to feel superior can’t empower others.
  2. Showcasing your accomplishments.
  3. Humblebragging. Complaining about something good is humble bragging. “I hate that I was offered this promotion. I just wasn’t ready.” Faking humility causes people to dislike you. (Time)
  4. Constant complaining. Insecure people feel powerful when they complain. Nothing’s ever good enough for them.

#2. Turn your focus outward instead of inward.

A closed heart sinks inward. An open heart turns toward the world.

It’s normal to think about the impact others have on you. It’s leadership to think about your impact on others.

Develop emotional intelligence.

#3. Think about what you have more than what you don’t have.

You worry about losing what you have when you focus on what you don’t have.

You can’t meet every need, but you can meet some.

Generosity today reflects life tomorrow.

Never let what you can’t do be reason to neglect what you can do.

#4. View your role as one who serves, not one who is served.

Have you been to a resort where drinks arrived before you asked? Being served feels amazing, but a life of being served becomes shallow.

Being served is fun but serving makes you matter.

What closes a leader’s heart?

What does open-hearted leadership look like to you?