How to Get a Grip on Your Schedule – The Three Big Rock Laws

A person who has a grip on their schedule has a grip on their life.

Cramming more activities into less time is like walking on marbles. Running from one thing to the next means your life is frantic and shallow.

Your relationship with time reflects your relationship to life.

The secret to getting a grip on your schedule is serving the Big Rocks.

Image of a shallow river.

A long to-do list is the sign of a shallow life.

Big Rock Laws:

#1. Always focus on the Big Rocks. The Big Rocks are the most important things.

There are only two big rocks.

#2. Forget about the small rocks.

#3. Always live by law #1.

To-do lists:

A long to-do list is the sign of a shallow life. You either check things off quickly or you feel overwhelmed. In both cases you’re juggling small rocks.

The seduction of small rocks is they are completed quickly.

Why small rocks are deadly:

Small rocks are like magic hats filled with rabbits. You pull one out and another one appears. Small rocks multiply.

How many times have you ended the day wondering what you got done?

Reality Check: The Two Big Rocks

The first Big Rock is taking care of yourself. Take care of your body, soul, and spirit.

The second Big Rock is taking care of others. First, take care of the people you love; others follow.

Warning: Small rocks love to pretend they are big.

The Big Rock Laws are helpful, but they aren’t THE secret. There is no secret!

There are a million small ways to serve the two Big Rocks. You’re back to the problem of a magic hat full of rabbits.

You can only do a TINY fraction of all the things that could be done. Accept your limitations or you’ll always be dancing on marbles while juggling small rocks.

How might people get a grip on their schedule?

What’s on your to-don’t list?

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