5 Awesome Ways to Energize Your Day

One of the five factors of well-being is energy to get things done.

You die a slow death when you don’t energize your day. Vacation might help but those who neglect their energy insult their potential.

You are responsible for your energy.

Problems seem smaller, people seem less irritating, and the future looks brighter when you feel energized.

Energize your day: Those who neglect their energy insult their potential. Image of a rusty car covered with dead leaves.

Arrogance and fatigue:

Arrogance believes it’s above the rules. The cycle of depletion and renewal cannot be ignored. The unalterable law of energy cannot be violated.

The person who neglects their energy dissolves resolve and dilutes opportunity.

5 ways to energize your day:

#1. Shift your thinking about challenges.

Nagging problems never end.

  1. Avoid setting random deadlines.
  2. Determine what progress looks like today.
  3. Adapt to changing situations. Failing to reach an irrelevant goal is success.
  4. Choose what matters to you.

#2. Establish a routine.

Predictability strengthens focus. Develop morning and evening routines.

#3. Break a routine.

You’re stuck when you don’t alter routines.

Personal energy is more important than skill, talent, or resources. Image of a lightbulb burning out.

#4. Finish everything on your to-do list.

A thousand to-dos drain you. Finish stuff.

“The key to getting through challenges is to not worry about tomorrow but to win today.” John Gordon

Create a to-do list you can complete today.

#5. Reject frivolous optimism.

Life isn’t Disneyland and leadership isn’t a walk in the park. Some days you’ll wonder if it’s worth it.

Many things that suck the life out of you aren’t worth it.

Expectations that drain you:

  1. Things should be easier. Things that matter are usually harder than you think.
  2. Happiness and fulfillment aren’t the same thing. You can be sad and fulfilled at the same time.
  3. People should appreciate you. People don’t appreciate how much work it takes to excel at any meaningful activity.

Personal energy is more important than skill, talent, or resources.

What simple daily practice might energize your day?