28 Words Every Leader Needs to Thrive

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Leaders: The three legs of leadership. Image of a three-legged stool.

Success in leadership is a three-legged stool. When you fail in one area, you fail. My friend, Bill Treasurer, says the three legs of leadership are:

  1. Leading yourself.
  2. Leading people.
  3. Leading business.

You can succeed in one area of leadership and still fail.

You might get things done but if you can’t lead yourself, failure is around the corner. You might be great with people but if you lack courage to deal with tough issues, you’re doomed. Everyone might love you but if you can’t deliver results, you’re ruined.

28 words leaders need to thrive:

Bill’s book, “Leadership Two Words at a Time: Simple Truths for Leading Complicated People,” captures the core of leadership in 14 two-word principles.

Leading yourself principles:

#1. Know Thyself

Transform your leadership with self-awareness.

#2. Model Principles

Live the values you want others to live by.

#3. Aspire Higher

Continually lift people, performance, and profits.

#4. Gain Control

Be better for everyone through self-mastery.

#5. Practice Humility

Prevent hubris by keeping your ego in check.

#6. Cultivate Composure

Purify your motives with daily reflection.

Leading people principles:

#7. Trust First

Build trust by first being trustworthy.

#8. Create Safety

Promote courage with psychological safety.

#9 Nurture Talent

Develop people so they can add more value.

#10. Promote Inclusion

Create a just, fair, and equitable workplace.

Leading business principles:

#11. Love Business

Keep learning and you’ll enjoy the adventure!

#12. Get Results

In my house we say, “Get’er did.”

#13. Master Management

Apply fundamentals to have more impact.

#14. Lead Up

Succeed by supporting your boss’s success.

Two more words:

Bill’s book begins with, “Be courageous.” Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important virtue.”

I chatted with Bill about some of the two-word principles in his book. Here’s the video:

Which two-word principles do you find most relevant today?

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