How to Make Goals Come to Life

Set a goal to run five times a week for a year. Or commit to run a marathon in six months. Running a marathon is a reason. A goal comes to life when you give it a reason.

We run in circles when goals don’t pull us forward.

Goals are affliction apart from reasons.

Reasons are magnets. Running a marathon is a magnet. Going to the gym is a goal. Living to reach a goal is good. Living for a reason is richer.

What goals come to mind when you choose to live for a celebration. Image of a person raising a fist in the air.

Reasons before goals:

Don’t set an arbitrary goal. Arbitrary goals, even good ones, add weight to life. Set a goal after you choose something meaningful to accomplish.

Cutting costs by 7% is a random goal. Choosing not to lay off people during lean times is motivation to cut costs.

What’s the point of hitting targets when the only reason to hit targets is hitting targets?

Meaningful reasons:

  1. Fuel energy.
  2. Explain pursuit.
  3. Strengthen cohesion.
  4. Enable sacrifice.

How to make goals come to life:

Imagine a year like none other. Joy exceeded expectation. Your hands are raised in victory. Imagine you arrive at the end of the year dancing with ecstasy. Let yourself sink into feelings of jubilation, victory, and pride.

Now imagine you’re surrounded by people who love you. Their hands are raised. They’re chanting like you won the World Cup. Who are those people? Make a list of names.

What did you do that made them wildly excited for you? What are they saying you accomplished?

What goals come to mind when you choose to live for a celebration?

What gives life to a goal?

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