4 Multicultural Leadership Strategies that Drive Success

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Leading from a multicultural framework grows people’s choices, capacities, and adaptability.

Multicultural frameworks grow capacity. Image of diverse hands.

4 multicultural leadership strategies:

#1. Cultivate Collaborative, People-Centered Environment

Authentic inclusion requires a shift from an “I” orientation to a “WE” people-centered one.

Mainstream culture emphasizes individualism. Most cultures in the world, including communities of color, are collective and reciprocal. Leaders work for group success before personal gain or credit. Working side-by-side, leaders increase people’s belief they too can lead.  

Action step: Foster the WE identity. Solicit participation – ask people to craft a shared vision, outcomes, roles, contributions, and responsibilities. Celebrate results. Share rewards.

#2. Getting to Know You, Really

People and relationships are the heartbeat of WE cultures.

I begin leadership programs with people sharing family stories, values, and strengths. I have been told, “I worked with Jessica many years, but never knew her until now.” One generation ago, we would have known each other’s grandparents.

Today’s mobility requires leaders to build belonging in the workplace.

Action step: Invite people to share family background, values, lessons, and strengths. Weave a “community history” from their stories.

#3. Mi Casa es su Casa—  

This saying frames the generosity of collective cultures.

Demonstrate generosity by:

  1. Sharing about yourself.
  2. Treating everyone fairly.
  3. Investing in development.
  4. Showing appreciation and respect to people regardless of organizational positions.

This levels the playing field and nurtures equitable environments.

Action step: Be accessible and authentic – practice transparency. Have an “open door policy” with specific times to get to know people.

#4. Embrace an Intergenerational Approach

Ten thousand baby boomers retire every day. 60% of the U.S. population are Millennials or younger. How do we foster intergenerational collaboration that values the wisdom of experience and the promise of youth?

Action step: Utilize intergenerational practices: serve as allies; cultivate circular not hierarchical relationships; provide meaningful participation; pass on knowledge and experience.

How might leaders develop multicultural strategies?

Dr. Juana Bordas is the author of the second edition of The Power of Latino Leadership: Culture, Inclusion, and Contribution, which was released today. It is the first book squarely focused on how Latinos lead. A Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame inductee, she was also the first Latina to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Leadership Association. Dr. Bordas’ book Salsa, Soul and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age is considered seminal work in the leadership field and received The International Latino Book Award in Leadership.

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