10 Unexpected Actions That Energize Your Team Today

Leadership quote: Life is easier for leaders when they fuel other people's energy. Image of logs on a fire.

10 Unexpected Actions That Energize Your Team Today

Life is better for you when you fuel other people’s energy.

  1. Call an unplanned meeting and tell the team why you’re proud of them. (Don’t tell them why you’re calling the meeting.)
  2. Ask everyone to send thank you emails to three people they serve. Ask each person to read one email they sent in your next meeting.
  3. Provide food unexpectedly and for no reason.
  4. Name a person on the team, ask, “What is something you admire about ________?” Repeat this for everyone at the table and for people who aren’t at the table too.
  5. Walk about asking, “What do you plan to do this weekend for fun?”
  6. Brag about your team to the boss’s boss while your team listens.
  7. Clarify progress by asking, “What’s one thing you want to get done before lunch today?”
  8. Ask people to talk about something they learned that made a big difference for them.
  9. Dedicate time for an improvement sprint. Improve one specific skill or result for the morning. Track progress. Report results before lunch. Short timelines are more energizing than distant goals.
  10. Bring in someone to share a breakthrough story. The longer the person struggled before breakthrough the better.
Leadership quote: You use carrots and stick to energize performance but showing respect is simpler and less and expensive. Image of dolphins in the ocean.

What could you do today to energize others?

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