4 Bad Habits the Worst Leaders Love

Bad habits come naturally. You work to develop productive patterns.

“Most leaders don’t need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.” Peter Drucker

Bad habits come naturally. Image of a black angel.

4 Bad habits the Worst Leaders Love:

#1. Being right.

Everyone is afflicted with the burden of knowledge. You believe you’re right. You’re judging these sentences as if you know more than me. I have surrendered to the obvious truth. You can’t be right when you disagree with me.

If only we knew as much as Aristotle who said, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing.”

Danger: People stop thinking when leaders always know.

Tip: Say, “That’s a great idea. Why don’t you go make that happen?”

Tip: Seek advice from people higherup.

#2. Feathering your nest at the expense of others.

Zeal to advantage yourself at the expense of others fosters self-protective teams.

  1. You gain disrespect when you kiss butt to get ahead.
  2. Enlightened self-interest suggests that advantaging others is a way to advantage yourself.
  3. Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of serving.

Don’t be a martyr.

Danger: People serve themselves when you persistently serve yourself.

Tip: Think of ways to advantage others every time you feel zeal to advantage yourself.

#3. Pulling away when you don’t get your way.

Never stand aloof when your idea loses. Your career stalls when you can’t help others succeed.

Danger:  The person who pulls away is trying to get their own way.

Tip: Row hard for other people’s projects. Pour into others before asking them to pour into you.

#4. Intimidating people into compliance.

Compliance only works when you’re in the room.

Boldness enables high performance. People never bring their best when they tip-toe around intimidating bosses.

Danger: Intimidation makes people timid.

Tip: Respect and recognition elevate boldness.

What bad habits can you add to this list?

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