Lust for Skittles and Other Bad Habits

Wouldn’t it be great if lust for humility was as strong as lust for Skittles?

Bad habits:

Bad habits are like hungry babies screaming for attention. When you break a bad habit, you work to keep it from returning. But when you break a good habit, you work to restore it.

The truth about bad habits:

#1. Bad habits are more magnetic than good.

Bad habits come naturally and, left to themselves, rule the realm.

#2. Bad habits get worse as time passes. Negative impact accelerates with time.

#3. Bad habits have a life of their own. Good habits need constant attention.

Wouldn’t it be great if good habits pursued you like bad?

#4. Bad habits are like old jeans – they look like hell, but they feel like heaven.

#5. Bad habits are chain-makers.

Wouldn’t it be great if lust to get out of bed and exercise was as powerful as nicotine?

7 bad leadership habits:

  1. Adding tiny improvements to the ideas, plans, work, or behavior of others.
  2. Providing answers before asking questions.
  3. Focusing on fixing people’s weaknesses and neglecting their strengths.
  4. Intervening quickly rather than making space for people to work through their own issues. Jumping in to help is permission for others to jump out.
  5. Interrupting.
  6. Getting bossy when stressed.
  7. Correcting but seldom congratulating.

Bad habit replacements:

  1. Curiosity. Go on a curiosity walk-about every morning at 10 a.m.
  2. Humility. Let others be right. Jettison your need to have the final word. Just stop talking.
  3. Gratitude. Go on a thank you tour at 2:30 p.m.
  4. Silence. Smile, nod, and say less.

“We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones.” Steven Pressfield

What bad habits do you see in leadership?

What small thing might you do today to develop a good leadership habit?