Personal Transformation Requires Aspiration Awareness and Accountability

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Transformation shapes trajectory. Image of a flower opening.

A current Google search for “reinvent yourself” yields over twelve million hits. Little wonder, since climate change, AI, and the shifting geopolitical order are about to turn the world we know upside down. To thrive in this environment, it is vital that we adapt and transform. Effective personal transformation is contingent on three factors: aspiration, awareness, and accountability.


Every leader needs an aspirational picture of a better version of him or herself.

What are your hopes and dreams?

How do you picture yourself in five to seven years from now? Image details. What do you see, hear, feel? What is different compared to today?

Action: Take time off to reflect on your aspirations.

Change yourself and everything around you will change.


Open, honest feedback is the greatest gift any leader can receive.

What do others recognize about you that you don’t?

Which unconscious processes tend to hinder your growth? How can you find out?

Action: If three colleagues were to give you one piece of advice each, what would it be? Ask them!


Holding yourself accountable means expecting from yourself what you expect from your best employees.

How do you hold yourself accountable?

What are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve personal transformation? Are you willing to declare your personal goals to those around you?

Action: Share your personal goals with your closest, most trusted friend and ask him or her to remind you of these goals as needed.

Leaders who master personal transformation act as role models and catalysts. Once they have transformed themselves, they can begin to transform their organizations.

Change yourself, and everything around you will change.

When are you going to reinvent yourself? 

Christian Greiser is an executive coach and management consultant. He guides thought leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs on personal development journeys, helping them determine their values, talents, and strengths. Originally published in German, his book, Remove, Replace, Restart: The Essential Maintenance Manual for Your Engine for Success, is released in English on October 10, 2023. Visit his website to learn more.