Aptronyms: What if Your Name Suited You

Pecksniff and Scrooge are aptronyms.*

Mr. Seth Pecksniff is a main character in “Martin Chuzzelwit,” a Charles Dicken’s novel. Pecksniff is a sanctimonious hypocrite you love to hate. Scrooge, the miser in “A Christmas Carol,” is such an appropriate name it needs no explanation.

What if your name suited you?

Aptronyms: Firefly is an aptronym appropriate for a but that lights up. What if your name was appropriate for you?

Aptronyms in literature:

  1. Luna Lovegood – J.K. Rowling. Luna has a kind and loving nature.
  2. Severus Snape – J.K. Rowling. Severus is stern.
  3. Sandor Clegane (The Hound) – George R.R. Martin uses nicknames. The Hound is loyal and tenacious.

Real life aptronyms:

  1. Usain Bolt holds the world record for the 100 and 200 meters.
  2. Tiger Woods uses golf clubs that are called woods.
  3. Dr. Richard Chopp is a urologist in Austin Texas. I wonder if he does vasectomies.

If your boss’s name was an aptronym:

  1. Glenda Goodheart cares for people.
  2. Randy Rallymore knows how to fire up the team.
  3. Nancy Nit loves nitpicking.
  4. Gordon Grumbleking hasn’t heard a good idea since Ronald Regan was president.

If your name was an aptronym:

My real-life aptronym is Glumdan on some days. I’d love my aptronym to be Sammy Springbreeze.

What aspirational aptronym would you love to have?

What aptronym would you give your boss?

*Definition source: Aptronym – Wikipedia

Breaking the Glum-Leader Syndrome – Leadership Freak

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