Eye-opening Self-Reflection Questions for Leaders

Growth requires self-reflection. Do you actually deliver the goods? Could you have blind spots?

Structured self-reflection questions keep leaders on track.

Structured self-reflection questions keep you on track. Image of footprints in the sand.

Eye-opening self-reflection questions:


  1. How frequently do you step up when help is needed?
  2. What is your track record for taking on new challenges?
  3. How frequently are you seeking permission to act?


  1. What do you say when you screw up?
  2. What personal stories do others know about you?
  3. How good are you at confronting tough issues?


  1. How well do I adapt when situations change?
  2. What’s my ratio of questions to statements?
  3. What do I do when situations are confusing or ambiguous?


  1. How freely do you honor others?
  2. How well do you seek and receive help?
  3. How frequently do you express gratitude?


  1. How do people feel after spending time with you?
  2. Who is better because of your influence?
  3. What do you see in yourself that others might emulate?
Energize your day: Those who neglect their energy insult their potential. Image of a rusty car covered with dead leaves.


  1. Are you an energizer or an energy suck?
  2. Do you make life easier or harder for others?
  3. How well do you practice self-care (energy management)?


  1. What are you learning from books, conversations, experiences?
  2. How do you respond to new ideas?
  3. What are you learning from failure?


  1. How much authority do you give others?
  2. How frequently do you expect people to solve their own problems?
  3. Do you establish accountability without being up in everyone’s business?


  1. How well do you understand your colleagues and team members?
  2. Can you see a connection between day-to-day operations and long-term vision?
  3. Do you have an idea of what makes your team members light up?

Tip: Adapt these questions for meeting openers.

What new categories can you add to the above self-reflection questions?

What self-reflection questions would you add to the above lists?

A little book about humility.

John David Mann and I give readers an opportunity for structured self-reflection in our new book, The Vagrant. There’s hope for you if you occasionally see yourself in the story.