How to Find Vitality when You Feel Down

Your deadliest enemy smiles in your face and bleeds you dry slowly. You don’t notice until one morning you’re drained.

7 dangers of low vitality:

  1. Confidence is low.
  2. People are irritating.
  3. Small problems overwhelm.
  4. Goals are one more frustration.
  5. Isolation feels better than communication.
  6. Personal development goes out the window.
  7. Quitting seems like the only option, but you have bills to pay.
Purpose is vitality. Image of a cat looking upside down.

Restore vitality:

A week off isn’t the answer when work constantly drains you. The weekend won’t help.

#1. Notice discouragement.

Honesty brings vitality.

Find vitality by admitting you don’t have it. You’ve been pushing too long.

Don’t lie to yourself. Look in the mirror and speak the truth. Say, “I’m constantly drained.” Say, “I wonder if it’s worth it.”

#2. Remember why.

Purpose is vitality.

Why did you take this job? Sure, it’s not what you expected, jobs never are. Are you putting food on the table? Are you working to make a difference for people?

Remember that purpose serves others. If you’re in it for yourself and that’s it, expect to be drained.

Trust increases vitality. Image of two lions.

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

#3. Extend trust.

Trust increases vitality.

Distrust drains people.

Defeat distrust by building trust:

  1. Apologize. You aren’t so magnificent as to never offend. Perhaps you’re negative when you should be affirming.
  2. Speak openly. Avoid secrets. Transparency defeats distrust.
  3. Own hard truths. The enemy of vitality smiles at avoidance. You can’t trust leaders who make light of difficult situations.


Make a list of things that usually energize you. Rank them by how rewarding they feel. Choose something from your list to do today.


Don’t beat yourself down because you feel discouraged. Make a few small changes and press on.

“How can you tell if a person needs encouragement? If that person is breathing.” S. Truett Cathy

What are some ways to navigate discouragement?

Which of the ideas in this post do you find useful?

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