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10 Questions That Give Vitality to Beginnings

Painful endings and uncertain beginnings are the two moments you make the most difference in a leader’s life. 10 Dangers in every new beginning: Confusing and obscure pictures of success. Listening to counsel… Continue reading

The Secret to Dynamic Presentations

Yesterday I gave my first keynote presentation since the accident on November 20, 2011. It felt like putting old jeans on. Successful presenters create dynamic connections between themselves and audiences. Connect with the… Continue reading

Six Step Transformational Conversations

“Many people who could have made the biggest difference in my life didn’t.” @pastorhudson tweeted back, “WOW that’s so true! My question is why? Did they not know? Not care? Not have time?” I… Continue reading

Thriving Through Processes

Organizations without processes never thrive.  Effective and efficient processes create platforms that enable, enhance, and evaluate both individual and organizational performance. What’s your systematic process for achieving breakthroughs, living transparently, or solving problems?… Continue reading

Buffet and Bennis on Delegating

***** Mediocre leaders can’t or won’t delegate. Delegating may be the most unglamorous part of leadership. I woke up this morning with three things on my mind, delegating an important role in the… Continue reading

Leadership Lessons From Car Tires

Organizations and individuals remain stuck because they don’t understand and/or can’t endure the disorienting unbalance “new” always creates. Wise leaders understand prepare for, accept, and work through the pains of disequilibrium. Unbalance always… Continue reading