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Choosing Who NOT to Help

I thought leading was getting people on my team. But, leading is getting on their team; grabbing their oar. But whose boat and whose oar? Whose boat: Leaders can’t help those going in… Continue reading

The Top 5 Mistakes of Unsuccessful Leaders

Mistakes that don’t hurt don’t matter. The worst mistakes are the ones that hurt others. The trouble with leadership is your mistakes always hurt others. The top 5 mistakes of unsuccessful leaders: Not… Continue reading

Yippee! It’s Whining Wednesday!

Why haven’t you complained that we haven’t had a complaint day in months? Give yourself permission to complain. Don’t be chicken. Let it fly! An occasional gripe session cleanses the soul. Rules: Absolutely… Continue reading

10 Ways to Gain Influence

If leadership is influence then dominance and coercion aren’t leading. Police have rightful authority to control. Relying on power, authority, or position, makes you look like a cop writing speeding tickets. Danger: Dominant leaders achieve… Continue reading

Right or Wrong Isn’t the Issue

This post is inspired by a reader who writes, “I believe that leaders make decision not based on what is right or wrong but what is relevant in the context.” Most leadership decisions… Continue reading

How to Win by Leaning In

Strong winds blow you down when you lean back. Successful leaders lean into resistance, adversity, failure, and criticism. Leaning away from resistance is a sure way to be blown down by resistance. Not:… Continue reading