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Today’s Essential Management Skill

Managing is more than processes and procedures; it’s people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. “Management and leadership are about coaching around performance.” John Baldoni My conversation with author, speaker, and… Continue reading

Something’s Always Broken

Success always has failure in it. Weak leaders pretend and fearful leaders need everything to be okay. But, nothing works perfectly. You’re never successful without failure. Every initiative, program, event, or project has… Continue reading

Angry Leaders

Embrace the dark side. Don’t pretend it’s not there. Leaders are angry individuals. Think frustrated if it’s more comfortable. Not: I’m not talking about temper tantrums. In addition, anger from leaders who feel… Continue reading

Overcoming the Danger of Taking Ownership

Ownership is dangerous when others are ruled out. “It’s mine! Don’t touch my things!” Individual owners do things themselves. That’s good unless it become exclusive, protective, and short-sighted. Individual contributors: The trouble with… Continue reading

The Surprising Side of Gaining Influence.

You can’t lead people you don’t know. Knowing others means understanding and appreciating not judging. Humility: Knowing others is first about you then about others. Humility accepts. Arrogance judges and rejects. Difference frustrates… Continue reading

Finding the Missing Link of Leadership

You’re great at doing but are you great at connecting? I’m still blown away by Henry Mintzberg’s one word of advice, “Connect.” Business stresses and people tensions result in unhappy, disengaged staff unless… Continue reading