Facing the 3 Pressing Challenges of Leadership

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The first pressing challenge of leadership is focusing on the thing that matters most.

People matter most.

In one sense, you are the person that matters most.

Nurture and develop you
as much as you nurture and develop others.

In another sense, others matter most. You make others matter when you:

  1. Celebrate effort and progress, even if outcomes fall short. You frustrate the hell out of people when you constantly press for more without celebrating effort and progress, too.
  2. Honor character qualities, not just performance.
  3. Recognize talent. Talk about their talents and skills, not just what they do.
  4. Press the stagnant.
  5. Encourage the discouraged.
  6. Develop people, not just skills. Think about the whole person.

The second pressing challenge of leadership is making what’s obvious to you obvious to everyone.

Make the obvious, obvious again:

  1. Say it again. What gets repeated gets remembered.
  2. Ask about it again. What gets asked about gets done.
  3. Celebrate it again. What you celebrate gets remembered and repeated.


If you don’t say it, no one knows.

If they can’t see it, it doesn’t matter.

If they can’t repeat it, it’s irrelevant.


The third pressing challenge of leadership is narrowing your focus.

Opportunities and challenges exceed resources.

  1. Amid all the urgencies, choose today’s priorities. Include problems, products, processes, and procedures, but, do something that demonstrates people matter, today.
  2. Keep yourself and others in their sweet spots.
  3. Choose to say no to lesser issues so you can say yes to what matters most. “No” sets you free.

What are the daily challenges of leadership and how can leaders best face them?