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Finding Your Power

Focusing on what others should have done is an excuse maker’s paradise. Responses reflect values. Excuse maker and blamers value themselves above others. They’ll drive the knife in your back if it serves… Continue reading

Love at Work

“You don’t love me,” comes from a heart that wants to be loved, but isn’t? “ I love you,” signals beginnings; “You don’t love me,” endings. Love’s ending begins with thoughts like: You… Continue reading

Stop Working Hard to Remain Stupid

***** Inexperience is under rated. Inexperienced people enjoy the courage of ignorance. They say, “Why not” rather than “we tried that.” Ignorance allows them to see what could be. They see fewer problems… Continue reading

Overcoming Safe Success Cultures

***** Ambition makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the success of others. You can shine, just don’t outshine me. In addition, insecure bosses feel threatened when someone outshines them. Furthermore, it’s hard to… Continue reading

The Power of Frustrating Leadership Friends

People who frustrate you fill holes in your leadership. You need them more than you think. I took on my first leadership challenge in 1981. I didn’t even know what leadership meant. I did know… Continue reading

What the Heck is a “Ding in the Universe”

I never appreciated Steve Jobs’ quote, “I want to put a ding in the universe,” until I talked with Gary Hamel, Wall Street Journal’s #1 most influential business thinker. I asked Gary what… Continue reading