Take Mentoring to the Next Level

Every great leader I’ve talked with had mentors that changed them. 26 years ago, Jeremie Kubicek’s was Hance Dilbeck. Today, Jeremie is the president and CEO of GiANT Impact and a founding partner of the GiANT Companies.

Jeremie said, “Hance was a youth leader at my church that took an interest in me. He believed I had a voice and offered to help me with my speech. I was 13.”

Jeremie explained his use of humor didn’t help his influence it hindered it. Hance wanted to take Jeremie to the next level.

Next level mentorship:

Jeremie said Hance didn’t actually mentor him. It was more of an apprenticeship.

Mentorship vs. Apprenticeship:

Mentorship is controlled by the mentee. Typically, mentees approach mentors for guidance in an area they want help. Mentees establish the topic and desired outcome.

Apprenticeship begins with mentors not mentees. You approach them saying something like, “I see an area in your life that I believe is holding you back. I believe I can help.”

I was uncomfortable when Jeremie explained the goal of apprenticeship is replicating yourself in someone else. After I thought about it, it started making sense.

If you have leadership skills, habits, attitudes, or behaviors that help you succeed, apprenticing someone means you pour what you have into another.

Jeremie isn’t an ego maniac that wants to fill the world with mini-me Kubiceks. He believes leaders empower not overpower.

Next level opportunity:

In my opinion, addressing blind spots that hold others back is one opportunity of apprenticeship.

Have you ever approached someone with an offer to help them get to their next level? What happened?

What’s important if someone wants to develop an apprentice relationship?


Jeremie’s book: Leadership is Dead: How Influence is Reviving it.

“Leadership is Dead effectively reveals that lasting power and influence stems only from a servant/leader mentality based on timeless principles and true character. This remarkable book is a bold jolt of CPR to a failing heart.”

-Stephen R. Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People