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Help! My Boss is an Insecure Jerk

***** If you haven’t worked for an insecure jerk, you will. Insecure jerks corrupt corporate culture and hamstring employees. They think first of personal agendas, divert focus, and instigate drama. Change: Don’t expect… Continue reading

How to Speak Like the Pros

***** Leading is more difficult if you can’t speak well. Speaking ability enhances leadership potential. Public platforms provide opportunities to shape, direct, and motivate organizations. Be as smart as this student: Holly said… Continue reading

Tapping the Positive Potential of Anger

***** Anger is a high potential power-emotion. Anger reveals your values and exposes a hidden self. Flipping off reckless drivers may not be polite but it says you value your safety. The sad… Continue reading

On Turtles and Rabbits – Finding Pace

***** Few leaders find effective pace naturally. You’re running in circles because of two types of mistakes; both have to do with pace. You’re either too slow or too fast. Pokey Turtle: Scan… Continue reading

How to Stop Rowing in Circles till You Sink

***** Fitting in is the path to regret. Leaders don’t fit in they stand out. Bureaucrats fit in. Standing out is dangerous in some organizational cultures; you’ll get beat down till you conform. Conformity is… Continue reading

The Power of Accidents

***Danger! This post is 400 words. Danger*** Incompetence makes you push challenges away. Inadequacy causes you to pull back. “Not good enough” (perfectionism) is the reason you don’t start. I’ve been putting off… Continue reading