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How to Create Dynamic Work Environments

Performing the same job year after year is a recipe for boredom, coasting, and low productivity. Entrenched, stagnant employees protect their turf, resist change, and create roadblocks. In addition, they build power bases… Continue reading

10 Tips for Doing the Manic Monday Shift

Image source Monday mornings are a hodgepodge of enthusiasm, anxiety, or dread. Like a race horse, you feel that starting-gate feeling. This Monday, make their duties and agenda your Monday morning passion. The… Continue reading

The Secret to Failing Well

Our children finished their Little League Baseball (LL) experience long ago. My LL experience goes back to the mid ’60’s but I still remember. My first at-bat ever, I hit a home run.… Continue reading

Five Ways to Master Office Politics

Image source Office politics is not a dirty word; you’ll go further if you can play. Believing good work always speaks for itself is naïve. Sadly, many bosses rise to authority because they… Continue reading

Identifying Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns

“When relationships are dysfunctional, there are three basic roles people play: persecutor, rescuer, and victim,” Marlen Chism. The lists that follow are adapted from, Stop Workplace Drama. Victims: Constantly complain. Resist solutions. Lack… Continue reading

Finding Your Place of No Exceptions

When I interview someone, I listen for what interest me and explore it. While Marlene Chism chatted in my ear, I scribbled her statement, “If you can find an exception, it’s time to… Continue reading