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How to Face the Challenges of Leadership

The purpose of leadership is to identify and create the future. If you want to lead, go somewhere and take someone with you. The challenge of leadership is helping people keep up. You… Continue reading

On Unicorns and Fairy Dust

I’ve rejected the “savior-leader” model but still feel pressure to be one. Savior-leaders arrive on unicorns and solve problems by sprinkling fairy dust over people and organizations. Poof! Everything is magically fixed. Internal: Internal… Continue reading

Bad is Stronger than Good

If the world naturally drifted upward like hot-air balloons, leaders and leadership would be irrelevant. People wore rose colored glasses  in the 60’s when they thought drugs and “free love” would create a… Continue reading

Destroy Silos Before They Destroy You

I asked an elected official to share his impressions of the political process. Without hesitation he said, “It’s disappointing that the Democrats and Republicans are sitting in separate rooms figuring out how to… Continue reading

How to Navigate the Path to Authenticity

***** “Authenticity is your greatest asset. Lose your authenticity and you’ve lost everything,” Marcus Buckingham. For Buckingham authenticity is strength based leadership. But, are you sure who the authentic you is? I’m not.… Continue reading

People who Change the World

***** People who change the world are like everyone else except they do something. They are moms, dads, men, women, young, old, rich, or poor. Some are educated – some not. Race isn’t… Continue reading